Sunday, June 05, 2005
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Saturday, June 04, 2005

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards all who came forward to support the drive to keep the name of Nanyang JC. I was deeply touched by the passionate appeals from alumni and current students to preserve a part of our culture and heritage. As one of the initiating members of the petitions, I felt the need to do my part for a college that made a difference in my life.

From the first day i stepped into the school in NYJC in 2003, i was inspired by caring environment that Nanyang JC provided. NYJC might not be one of the top 5 JCs but I feel immensely proud to be part of the big Nanyang family. I had some wonderful teachers, most notably my civics tutor, Mr Teo Lye Heng, who guided me through my entire two years. He was more than a mentor to me, he was a fatherly figure who i know i can seek advice from as i grew up in a single parent family. This is a feeling that not many would experience. He never failed me in my times of need and encouraged me when i wanted to throw in the towel. He is not the only wonderful teacher in NY and this is perhaps why our principal, Mrs Ho Woon Ho, always told us that NYJC cares for every student who step through her doors.
Furthermore, the student population is a cohesive and compassionate family who epitomises the school vision of producing "thinking, resilient and compassionate leaders". Some of the examples that i can think of would be the newspaper collection drive with Lions Befrienders where NY students went to collect newspapers or unwanted items to raise funds for needy old folks in the Ang Mo Kio region,
the various donation drives for the NY redevelopment funds by previous batches despite knowing that they would not be able to enjoy the facilities. All these showed that NYJC students truely care for their alma mater and the society as a whole.

I'm immensely proud to tell people that i'm from NYJC and it was an honour to serve the school during my time in college as a part of the 26th Student Council. This committment i have towards NYJC would stay with me and i would continue to serve the school as part of the alumni. Nanyang to me, is more than just a name that some have suggested. The name Nanyang is an emotional attachment to the two years every NYJC student spent in NY.Nanyang is the spirit of a place i truely call home, a feeling that i have found my place finally, something that i did not feel for my previous schools. Without the spirit, what will become of the home? a mere hollow shell without life.

I'm glad that the Senior Management Committee has decided against the changing of the school name and I thank them for their wisdom and compassion in this issue. A thousand words would not be enough to express my gratitude when i got to know the decision that my school would remain as NYJC. A tree needs it's roots to grow, by retaining the name of Nanyang, the roots of NY grow deeper and may Nanyang Junior College continue to grow in the years to come.

Yours Sincerely

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Never Too LaTe???

Perhaps it may have been too late for me to add anything to this blog as the petition could have been submitted. Whatever the outcome may be, I would still like to voice out my views.

I guess my seniors and friends have mainly voiced out how they feel about this issue, and I must say I am very touched. I agree with them. Somehow I wonder why this blog is only open for students, because some teachers in NYJC currently, in fact a good number of them, are ex-NYJCians. They have come back to NYJC to give back what they have benefitted from it. Perhaps as teachers, they are not in a convenient position to voice out their views. If that is the case, I really sympathise. My heart is bleeding, and tears trickling down as I look around the once-familiar surroundings where part of me was groomed.

I live just in front of NYJC. Even after I have graduated, I would sometimes take a longer turn to walk back home, just to take in the once-familiar surroundings and memories that have been forged there. Perhaps my batch has a more special experience than the other batches, in that we happen to be studying there when NYJC was in the transition of moving from an old campus to a new one. Everyday I would climb up that long round-about stretch of stairs to reach to the old campus, while I would pass by the site watching the new one being built bit by bit. This long stretch of stairs is very inconvenient, and tiring to climb. Every morning there will always be a "human traffic jam" because of the influx of students just before the bell rings. We would always joke and call it "Mud Slide" because we are all wearing brown uniforms. Even though I complained almost everyday because I'm almost running late everyday, I still miss that flight of stairs.

To cut a long story short, now that a new building has been up, with the second phase of construction upon completion, even if people praise NYJC for its new facilities and such, I would still miss the old times where I have classes using chalkboards, dust flying in, and chairs with broken tables. How we would rush down to the makeshift canteen, have that slanted tables in LT3 where pencils cases slide down all the time to irritate us, and having regimental PE sessions around the dusty tracks.

As I watch the old LT3, and the rest of the remaining old building, get demolished bit by bit after I have graduated, part of me has gone with it as well, I am afraid. I could not bring myself to call this new, strange-looking building my school because I never once spent a day here having lessons, or engaging in CCA, or pestering teachers about projects.

Actually I am already losing a sense of identity with the new school building. With the change in name, I think that in my heart NYJC is dead and gone forever. Why should I care about it in future?

Whatever reasons that may have compelled the management to make such a decision, I do hope you can think twice about it, because you are endangering many people's emotional connections with it. Please do think on a long term basis.

That's all I have to say...

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our hardwork all had paid off...really happy that we manage to keep the name nanyang junior college!!so happy...well done everyone!!!CHeers!!

Raymond 05S6C

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Dear alll,

I'm please to annouce that after much efforts and voices from everyone, our college name will be retained as Nanyang Junior College.

This news is being confirmed by the Principal, Mrs Ho Woon Ho, and the Vice Principal, Mdm Tan Hui Miang. The SMC has heard the voices of 2000 current students and ex students voicing out concerns and attachment to the college name. To date, we have over 2000 over names in support of the petition to retain the college name. Several blogs and emails were sent out to seek support, even to the public who felt strongly for this matter.
This will not be possible without everyone single one of your help. I would like to acknowledge the efforts being put in by every single NYJCian, past and present. This will go down in history and put across a message so strong that
it will be remembered by all future NYJCians. A big thank you to everyone here for all the support and efforts in this petition to save our college name. the committment and love for the college can never be replaced with words. Thank You everyone for keeping Nanyang Junior College's name.

With Respect,
Lee Song Kwang

PS: let us all share this good news with everyone. kindly please forward this email to anyone who you have forwarded the petition to. thank you so much for your help in support for the petition.

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Let NYJC live on forever

To say i was disapointed was an understatement when i first heard about the news of NYJC being changed to CCJC. Now, as the date draws closer, I cant help bud start to feel afraid.

Afraid of what would happen to my dearest juniors who are current students of NYJC, afraid of the thought of whether I should continue rendering my volunteering services to a school which I can no longer relate to, afraid that the rich culture, strong values and wonderful memories which all NYJC students, pass and present, share would all become history once the common identity of NYJCians vanishes, and many many more afraids.

A name is there to connect all the people who has ever been associated with that name in any point of their lives. By erasing NANYANG and replacing it with an alien chung cheng, its is as good as erasing all the connections that ever existed between people who have at least once in their lives been touched by NANYANG JUNIOR COLLEGE. What ever was associated with NYJC, our outstanding achievements, the contributions and hardwork of our lauddable alumnis to bring NYJC to what she is today will be erased with this replacement.

JC life has been the best years of my education life. Esp here in NYJC where there are so much warmth and care. Ever since secondary school, I was tired of the never ending chase for better results, better results n even better results. Therefore I chose NYJC when I could have gotten into other better ranking JCs, largely due to the fact that here in NYJC, the schools focuses on overall development in students, seeing it being just as important besides the quest for better A Level results and ranking. My mum was full of praise for NYJC and encouraged me to enrol here too as she has great respect for our principal Mrs Ho.

NYJC has provided me countless opportunities which I would not have even dared to dream of if i were in other "better-ranking" JCs. Being able to serve NYJC by being part of the 26th Student Council was the greatest pride in all my education years. I will always remember serving NYJC, not CCJC.

I do not wish to be one of the last few batches of NYJCians. I wish to see many many more batches of students to enjoy the glory, the achievements, the care and warmth NYJC. With these glorious roots, I believe current n future batches of NYJCians would be more confident of bringing NYJC to even greater heights in years to come.

I am proud of NYJC, and I will let NYJC be proud of me one day.

Lim Jia Shyuan
26th Student Council

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The Value of Name or Good Reputation

I suspect my post here could be a bit dated in terms of timing. Nonetheless this blog has become a natural platform for me to voice my feelings for NYJC - a "home" where I learnt so much in life.

I am voicing my concerns due to several factors. I think there is no referendum on why there should be a need for this change. When it comes to a name change, I can see many reactions. From the various postings like Everything is in the Name, and etc, I suspect the name is a form of identity for the school, the teachers, the students and the alumni. Being such an important factor, there is certainly a need to at least vote or arrive at a general consensus. Afterall, a name is something you carry with for the rest of your life.

So what could be the rational of a name change? I am trying to anticipate how the SMC think. First, they may be thinking of changing it to CCJC because there are more alumnis from Chung Cheng. We are not sure about who are the members of the SMC (at least I dont). Thus, there could be a bias in the need for a name change to reflect that certain fractions of these memebers have exerted more effort (in donating money?). So what if this fraction of SMC member put in effort, what would it translate into? Education is not a product that could be minted out of a factory. As for incentives to exert more effort, it wont neccessarily lead to a steady stream of better students from the two campuses of Chung Cheng (see my third point). But changing the name is unduly necessary. Why can't we have some form of Chung Cheng A Level Student Scholarship or Book Prize.

Second, maybe the need for a name change is due to the fact that the SMC is thinking that NYJC - the brand name - has poor reputation. As we can see from many industrial companies like Time Warner and IBM, consumers will think that products from these companies are good. Similarly, this relates to how students and parents decide on the schools to attend. On one note, I would imagine of the SMC's view of a poor reputation in NYJC. But this is not rational. If they believe that the reputation of school is poor, why do they sponsor it in the first place? On the other hand, building up a reputation as CCJC from scratch is probably hard as well. Recall that NYJC was founded around 1980s - and it has taken so many years to build such a repuatation to attract good students. Is the SMC willing to spend another 26 years to build up CCJC as a brandname?

Third, why the name Chung Cheng? This possibly could be attributed to the fact that Chung Cheng has higher reputation. I don't observe a steady stream of students from CC Secondary during my time. Even yes, they are mainly from the brunch school, not the main one which offers special stream. Based on my observations, I suspect that better students from the CC main go on to top 5 JCs. (Note: I am not trying to put down those from the brunch school. I am not from a top secondary school as well). I would imagine changing the name to CCJC wont retain these better students.

In a nutshell, the SMC has undermined the value of a name. Name could have detrimental effects on people. As for changing of name to boost reputation, I suspect this may not work as there is no gains from it. It reflects a form of non-rationality.

Tan Kang Yong (aka John)
S8 (1994 - 1995)

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Our College Name Will Stay As Nanyang Junior College

Dear alll,

I'm please to annouce that after much efforts and voices from everyone, our college name will be retained as Nanyang Junior College.

This news is being confirmed by the Principal, Mrs Ho Woon Ho, and the Vice Principal, Mdm Tan Hui Miang. The SMC has heard the voices of 2000 current students and ex students voicing out concerns and attachment to the college name. To date, we have over 2000 over names in support of the petition to retain the college name. Several blogs and emails were sent out to seek support, even to the public who felt strongly for this matter.
This will not be possible without everyone single one of your help. I would like to acknowledge the efforts being put in by every single NYJCian, past and present. This will go down in history and put across a message so strong that
it will be remembered by all future NYJCians. A big thank you to everyone here for all the support and efforts in this petition to save our college name. the committment and love for the college can never be replaced with words. Thank You everyone for keeping Nanyang Junior College's name.

With Respect,
Lee Song Kwang

PS: let us all share this good news with everyone. kindly please forward this email to anyone who you have forwarded the petition to. thank you so much for your help in support for the petition.

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Friday, June 03, 2005

i'll juz be straight to the point...

i heard this from somewhere i cannot would you feel if your parents decided to change your name after 20 over years? i doubt you'll feel good or anything near that.

i do not think there is a need to change the college name at this point in time, it does not benefit any of us, neither the staff nor students. In fact a change in the name at this point only serves to bring the staff and student population more disadvantages.

for one, should a change happen, NanyangJC would be reduced to a mere memory, it would no longer be a physical place that we can relate or love. I believe no one can love a name that they cannot place or link it with any memories.

It is NYJC that has given me the wonderful memories i have however little they may be since i have only been in the college for half a year. I have a connection, not only with my friends in the college, not only with the college itself, not only with the teachers, but also to the NAME of the college. Memories and experiences that i have felt is linked closely to the NAME of the college.

The many cheers we have done for the college, the NY spirit that i have felt since the first day i joined the college, the wonderful 27th student council, my wonderful orientation groups, and my best clique of friends was found in NYJC, NANYANG JUNIOR COLLEGE. What i mean is that all these had been found on the basis that we are all NYJCIAN, not some foreign name we cannot place.

Please, do not change the name of the college, it serves only to reduce NYJC into a memory, and nothing else.

Teo Swee Wei, 05A5A, J1

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If the Senior Management Committee is thinking of some pragmatic reasons (1.follow the trend, 2.affiliation, 3.possibly merger with CCHS (to maintain competitiveness to the other schools or colleges) etc.) to change the name from NYJC to CCJC, I would say that it is foolish and inconsiderate.

I propose to keep the name of NYJC because:
1 the historical values which certainly should be respected
2 it holds the memories of ALL NYJCians
3 changing the name reflects negatively on the SMC (when people publicly display their discontentment)
4 it sounds better
5 last but not least, CCHS and NYJC are different!

I choose to keep this relatively short as i think the reasons don't require much intelligence to understand. Hope this can provoke some thought....

former CCHS and NYJC student

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this may b a cliche statement... but nyjc was a home to many of us.... whether or not it was a kampong, a construction site or a factory, it has the same meaning to so many of us....having to repeat jc1 was a painful process as i see many of my close friends graduate n moving on to a next phase in their lives, leaving me behind.. i've never thought that i'd miss ny after all e wishing i'd graduate sooner.. all i thought would happen was that i'd most probably miss the teachers n perhaps the old school compound which most of my wonderful memories once took place.. but i guess i was wrong.. something kept me frm drifting apart frm ny even after graduating.. this immense sense of belonging made me go back to school whenever i can.. especially when i'm facing a problem i cant solve... even though the school has changed physically, the vague familarity is still there. because we know that though the name has changed, we still belonged to this same school that moulded us to who we are.. there's still the same welcoming feeling whenever i go bac to ny... and this wouldnt have been made possible without that unspoken bond felt within every nyjcian..

being in nanyang for 3years, i was able to see the process which ny has gone through to become what it is today.. the run-down buildings of the old nanyang may seem kampong like.. yet it was able to exude this warm, cosy and homely feeling which bonds so many of the ex-nyjcians when we have get-togethers ever so often.. the pond which so many of us were thrown into, the ghost stories about the red thread tied at the gate of the admin blk last time... the things we've done as an individual, a group, a class, a school.... these are precious memories which non of us can ever forget.... even as the redevelopment of the school has created a slight lost of familarity, the fond memories that once existed never ceased as we are able to relate to the one thing in common: we come from the same school... NANYANG JUNIOR COLLEGE. i strongly believe that it is this same bond, this sense of belonging and familarity that keeps students coming back to visit the school... it is also this same feeling that many ex-students who graduated frm ny choose to go back to the same school to return the deed n educate future generations... what meaning would b left if nanyang no longer exist??

it may a mere change of name.. but the feelings towards everything else is different.. ppl may think that a change in name wouldnt change the teachers, their teaching methods or even the school compound which so many of our memories once took place.. but its different... the feeling is different... who do we really belong to?? who are we...?? it seems as if we've lost our long established identity...

i remember mrs ho's famous saying of "ying shui shi yuan" meaning..when u drink the water, remember its source.. how den are we able to remember our source when its gone?? where does water now come from when the source no longer exist?? we want to hold on to something we all hold dear to ourselves... our identity, our pride n most importantly, the fact that we, come from NANYANG JUNIOR COLLEGE... we want to make a difference...... n make things happen...

Chan Hui Hoon
02s4b, 03a3

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A Sense of Belonging, Nanyang

When I first heard that Nanyang is going to change its name to Chung Cheng, I simply could not believe what I heard. I thought it was all a joke.

Nanyang holds a special place in my mind and I think this true for many many others that she had cultivated in the past 20+ years. If Nanyang is no longer Nanyang, I can feel a sense of emptiness and it seems that there will be a void period during the two years I spend in Nanyang. Moreover who will I be? A student from CCJC? No. I can not feel any connection with the name, Chung Cheng Junior College.

Cast the feelings aside. On the more pragmatic side, changing the name of Nanyang will not only erase all the establishments and reputation that Nanyang had archieved and built over the years, the JC under a new name has to start from scratch in building and gaining the reputation and recognition within and outside the school. Why undergo so much trouble when all these are redundant?

Being in the democratic Singapore, I hope that the management will, too, be democratic to listen and consider the views of the past and present students of Nanyang seriously. A school will not be one if the students are not being heard or if the students cannot feel a sense of belonging for the school. The school fails as an educational institution when it fails to instil the sense of belonging in the students. Believe me, name plays a big part.

Nanyang: A Sense of Belonging

Teo Ailing

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Everything is in a name

I had been a NYJC student some 10 years ago and gone there because of positive influence from my brother who also studied at NYJC ~21 years back. I'm surprised that there could be such a suggestion to change the name of my junior college to Chung Cheng. I never even knew that such an affiliation exists...and even then, it does not justify the changing of the name of a school with 26 years of history. I urge the SMC to reconsider the change of name of NYJC because it will not only be the physical change of name, it will also lead to the change of identity and connection of the alumni with our school. Please do not repeat the same mistake of Nantah (which stirs ill emotions in my Dad up to this day) and channel this effort instead towards better building of the spirit of Nanyang JC.

Hwang Ling Chin
NYJC Class 1995

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i chose to be a NYJCian.. definitely not a CCJCian.
please dun force it upon us.


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Open Letter

A Letter I drafted.. :( .. will be submitting this to the school... hai...

Nanyang Junior College (NYJC), a college that holds fond memories for current students and alumni who stepped through her doors. NYJC prides herself for providing a caring environment for all her students, with a mission of being a value added college which nurtures thinking, resilient and compassionate leaders. Throughout her 27 years of proud
history, NYJC has produced many outstanding students who have gone on to make their mark in society, a testimony to the quality and care that the college provides for every single student who steps through her doors. This is a wonderful reputation that the college has painstakingly built since 1978.

The decision to join NYJC is one that I have never regretted. In Nanyang, I had the happiest time in my life, with wonderful friends and teachers that have supported me through my JC life and beyond. In NY, we are like a closely knitted family, bonded by our love for our beloved college.

NYJC has gone through many changes over these past 27 years. Old buildings have been torn down, replaced by the recently-completed college campus. Nanyang has transformed from a "kampong" JC to a JC that many students want to enrol in for the next stage of their education. Being the batch who had the honour of witnessing the transition from the old campus to the new building, I saw for myself the change Nanyang went through during the years 2003-2004. I felt an immense sense of pride after finally being able to move into the new campus that previous batches have worked so hard to make possible
through fund raising campaigns. The selfless attitude of the previous batches convinced me that Nanyang JC students truely care for their alma mater, and many continued to serve the school after they graduated.

In recent weeks, The Senior Management Committee have raised the issue of changing the name of Nanyang Junior College with Chung Cheng Junior College. This issue has caused extreme discomfort with ex and current students alike. Past students identify themselves with the school precisely because of the name 'NYJC'. The name 'Nanyang' helps to bond all NYJCians past and present. If the name 'NYJC' is to be obliterated, would the school consequently lose her connection with her alumni? If 'Nanyang' is condemned to oblivion, would it mean the school would lose all the goodwill and reputation that she spent 27 years building up? Furthermore, would her current
students be able to identify with the new alien name after growing attached to the name Nanyang? The cost of this move clearly outweighs the benefits (what exactly are the benefits are unclear in the first place) and it would be intransigent on the part of the Senior Management Committee (SMC) to insist on the change.

The SMC of NYJC has, hitherto, not consulted the stakeholders of NYJC, the school administration, the current students and the alumni, on the proposed name change to Chung Cheng Junior College. This is not in line with the government stance of consultation when change is being proposed. This top-down and high handed approach has undoubtedly caused many NYJCians to reject the change in name. I feel that SMC
should consult the stakeholders on this matter, explain the rationale behind the change, gather feedback and hold a official poll. This is in line with the transparent and democratic method that our government affirmed during the recent Casino debate. If the poll shows that the majority is in favour, the change would be seen as one endorsed by the stakeholders. This would be a win-win stituation for both the SMC and NYJC.

I sincerely appeal to all the SMC members, being compassionate and wise leaders would understand the attachment the stakeholders have with Nanyang Junior College as they have been through schools themselves. If the name is changed, no one would recognise the name CCJC and people would continue to refer to us as the JC previously known as NYJC, that would defeat the purpose of the name change in the first place. NYJC is a home to me, a place where i belong. May the name of NYJC live on and continue to produce pillars of society in the years to come. I appeal to all the SMC members to respect our views and attachment to our school and do not deprive us of the place we call home.

As Mrs Ho would attest to, once a NYJCian, always a NYJCian.

Yours Sincerely
NYJC 26th Student Council

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Forever NYJCian

I'm from the batch 2001-2002. To me Nanyang JC is not just a school but my 2nd home. It's a place full of warm, care and love for NYJCian. This place is full of memories for me, my classmates, caring teachers, staying up late to study in school, doing projects, printing banner, planning for activities, the NY dogs that run around( which jc has their official dog), the vibrating lecture hall, countless camps and many many more memories. It is this place that i learnt to serve, to lead, to work as a team, to care , to love and progress academically. These qualities will definitely aid me in my life and i could only thank Nanyang JC for moulding me. I'm proud of my classmates and my school mates who help me. It is the best 2 years of my education life. Althought 2 years might not be long but i have gained so much in this 2 years.

Nanyang has also being known for it's caring teachers and warm enviornment. Teacher fighting for his/her students to take S paper even though their grades didn't make the mark because he/she believe they can do it, teachers staying up late to coach their students, teachers never turn down their students when even they need help, where can you find such caring teachers but Nanyang. I'm fortunate to be taught be the late Mr. John Lim. Never didn't i expect to receive an invitation card to his wedding after graduated for 2 years. But sadly he and his wife passed away shortly in their honeymoon.

To the SMC, please do not change the name of NANYANG to any other names. IT is this name NANYANG which all NYJCian, 28 batches of student & more, share a common identity. I'm afraid that NANYANG JC will be a part of history soon, all the achievement and effort put in the teachers, staff, students and alumnis that we put in for NANYANG will be gone. I'm afraid that I will not be able to tell stories and memories i had in NANYANG to my children which no longer exist in the future. Changing the name NYJC to another name is equivalant to alienating we old boys and girls. I could not longer render my service to a college which i can't relate to if the name is change.

What we have done so far to stop NANYANG being change to any other name show how much we love the school and how much the name meant to us. We could just sit back and do nothing about it but NO! We will not let anyone take away NANYANG for us and the future generation!

Once a NYJCian always a NYJCian. Together we build!

2001/2002, 01S6A
Ex-president of NANYANG guitar club, OCIP Beijing

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Again and again, the school asked us the same question,

" Should NYJCbe renamed as CCJC?"

Again and again, our answer never changed,

"No. No. NEVER."

I simply dont understand why the committe have to bring up the matter again. If they had insisted on the re-naming, then while bother to ask for our opinion?

But i reckon the committee weigh the pros and cons of the re-naming issue before settling with any decision. Should the school be renamed to CCJC, the ex-students of NYJC will see no reason on why should we give our utmost support to a school we can no longer relate to.

NYJC holds memory for those who had endured the 2 years of 'A' Levels there. We've enjoyed every single moment in the school that we called home, regardless of the outdated facilities then. And yet, now with a new building, the school decides to have a new school name as well? That's ridiculous.

If the committee insist on their decision, then we too can insist on our objection.

We are not oppressing the authority; we are protecting the school that had nurtured us through the years.

Please retain the name of the school.

Ng Xue Na
25th Student Council
2002-2003 batch, Arts student

NYJCian declared at 9:11 AM


No no no no no!!! Don't change! >_<

Personally, I do not understand why should there be a change of name. What's wrong with NYJC staying as NYJC??? It's really sad if the name really has to be changed. Afterall, it's my school, and I really do love it a lot.... Imagine what would I tell other people 20 years down the road when they ask me what JC I was in....

"NYJC? There's such a JC??"
"Erm, it's been changed to CCJC...."

No more identity left... Once the name is changed, who else will remember NYJC as it is a few years down the road? It's really very depressing to think that way. Imagine what the alumnis have to tell their children next time, where does Papa and Mama study during their JC period... It's our identity, it's our school, and I'm totally against the idea of changing the name! In fact, I think it's offensive to all the NYJC students, alumnis, teachers, ex-teachers, even to the dogs! I seriously think we have a say in this matter, afterall NYJC is not just the property of MOE, the government or whoever came up with this idea of changing the name to CCJC. NYJC is OUR property, our school, a place where we had all the happy memories and of course, stress.... It's part of our youth and by changing the name to whatever other people deem fit, is really offensive to all of us! No one has the right to take our school away from us! Afterall, we were all a part of the fund raising efforts to make the school the beautiful campus it is now! So, the school is built by us, the people who really love NYJC! Without our consent, I seriously think no one has the right to change its name to some other name that doesn't belong!

Jane Yeo,
Student of 1997 - 1999
P.S: Yes, I've stayed in the school for 3 years! 3 WHOLE YEARS! NYJC gave me a chance to become what I am today, no one has the right to take away my "mother" school! >_<

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Hope our voices count........

The name Nanyang Junior College has always been associated with a warm school environment, caring teachers, fun CCAs, and a homely feel which is not only known to the students inside Nanyang but by student all across the island. These strong points have been the hallmarks of this great institution. Great even if you consider 27 years of history as short.

I, was from the 2001/2002 batch and have experienced first hand how this school can change a person for the better over the two years that he/she spends at the college. It is no doubt that everyone graduates from it with something special, and it is this experience, owned by the many individuals that give Nanyang its reputation it has now. Changing its name will render the experiences which the past students have, and will only diminish the glory of the school's former accolades.

In the school, I have grown as an individual, learnt to function in a team, progress academically and achieve qualities which will aid me in my life. I relate all these teachings to the grounds of NYJC. I am proud of my class and CCAs. As such, changing the name would make all these just a fading memory.

Therefore, I plead with the SMC to retain the name of Nanyang. Allow this tradition to live on, I assure you the alumni, and present students will continue to give their all to the college and make it a better place for themselves. Is it not the wish of the SMC to see a school so united and homely that all those in it call it their second home? This little campaign we have done to make our voices heard has said more than enough of what the name means to all of us.

Together We Build, Nanyang lives on.

01S6A, NY24SC

NYJCian declared at 12:30 AM


Thursday, June 02, 2005
Not Just a Name

It has been 11 years since I graduated from NYJC, but till today, NYJC still holds a very important place in my heart. Everytime I passes by Lorong Chuan, I will point out to my 11 month old daughter where NYJC was, and tell her Mummy used to study there. I have so many stories about NYJC to share with her, stories of fond memories.
Changing the name NYJC to CCJC is equivalant to alienating we old boys and girls. Sooner or later, our sentiments towards NYJC will fade.
I hereby urges the members of SMC to reconsider their decision to have the school name changed, NYJC is not just a name, it is the place where our hearts belong.

Gan Woan Wen

NYJCian declared at 11:26 PM


It's nothing but a heartache

Oh no please don't change NYJC's name...cos I graduated from there and next time probably just few years down the road when I'm in Uni and I'm asked which JC I come someone would stun on what is NYJC.

Not that really, but NY is where I spent my 2 years studying and I'm still carrying and remembering a lot of the wonderful moments back in NY, had friends and teachers inside photos that I still keep with me. I'd feel uncomfortable if NY changes its' name to CCJC. Maybe because I still remember that during my past 2 years, I've been hearing people speaking of the "Nanyang Spirit" mostly came from our Principle Mrs. Ho that time...

I also feel that Nanyang is a much better name...and I believe it came down with a very long history with it. I feel odd...I mean like names aren't supposed to be changed isn't it? Just like names that we have...registered in our birth-certs. I believe that NY shouldn't change name too.

NYJCian declared at 11:25 PM



Dear all,

Tomorrow would be the day when we submit all these blog posts and petitions to the SMCs by Song Kwang. I would like to thank each and everyone of you who have helped made this possible, within 4 days...we have received a total of close to 100 blog posts from you :) At least now we can say that as NYJCians, we have not sat down quietly to watch other pple decide for us.

I learnt something when the blog was set up these few days - that destiny often lies in our hands, that things don't fall down from the sky when we want it to...99% of the time, we have to take action and make it happen for us :) the Nanyang Spirit belongs to NYJCians exclusively - whether it continues to burn or extinguish depends exclusively on us too.

For all of you who have blogged/emailed the petition/signed the petition cards/passed the message onto your friends,


2 years in a person's life is probably just another period of time. but 2 years in NYJC is THE period of a lifetime. No matter what happens, nobody can take away our memories of NYJC yep? :)

NYJC you rock.

Ultimate thanks,

NYJCian declared at 11:14 PM


To me, NYJC is not juz a name, it is an identity, a place where i feel a sense of belonging. NY holds many beautiful memories for me. It is in NY where i truely growed, matured and learned. It is in NY where i made friends for life, friends tt supported and encouraged each other during the struggle through college life. Teachers who are caring, willing to stay back late and take care of us during our late practises for SYF. It is in NY where i gained so much. NY simply holds too much memories. Changing the name is like taking something tt i hold dear to my heart away.
Therefore, i sincerely urged SMC not to change the name. It means alot to me, and i believe to those who also feel a sense of attachment to NY as well. Let NYJC be not juz a sch tt can only live in the memories of those who love it, but one tt continue to touch and bring great memories to future generations of students. Let NYJC live on~
Please do not change the name!!

~Once an NYJCian, always an NYJCian~


NYJCian declared at 11:11 PM


As a member of the Nanyang family(now) and the Chung Cheng family(a yr ago), I object to the change of Nanyang Junior College's name to Chung Cheng Junior College.

I presume much no one in the Nanyang family would want the change of name of NYJC to CCJC... The change of name is a big matter, and it will cause big changes and disturbances... I've definitely not heard anyone supporting the change of the college's name ever since this bad news had been broken to us... The change of name will make all the students who are studying in the college currently feel awkward and weird, and the alumni to lose the sense of belonging to the school that they once studied in, that they once found their path in life in, that they once felt strongly for... If the college name's change, everything will be gone with the wind. Perhaps, the alumni of the past years will never come back to the school anymore...

Chung Cheng High School is a 'Chinese' school where you find few or even no students of other races besides Chinese. Hence, if Nanyang JC's name is changed to Chung Cheng JC, what will the students that are of the current and past NYJC feel, esp for the students of the minority race..?

The Chung Cheng students, like me, in NYJC are feeling strongly about this matter, and are all trying very hard like the rest of the Nanyang family to oppose this matter, because we understand that the change of name is, as a matter of fact, redundant, and creates more problems than solving them.

We all know that this is Singapore, and not Switzerland. Many of the things that are set because the government feels that it's for the better for all, will be what it is and no matter what we do, how many petitions we write, it's of no use. Singapore has no such things as referendum or sorts. Nevertheless, we're still doing this, writing petitions. Why..? Have we all not seen what happened to HCJC? Students have, too, wrote countless petitions, hoping to keep the name of HCJC, but still, now what we see is HCI. But we are still writing this. Why? Because we believe are strong-willed and feels much for the school. We want the Nanyang to remain as Nanyang, and not Chung Cheng where most are unfamilar to. Even the Chung Cheng students are against the idea, how will the other non-Chung Cheng students feel...?

Foo Siong Chun Shawn

NYJCian declared at 11:10 PM


Always a NYJCian, Always!

Why changed name? Just because of a few pathetic Management Committee who started all these noisences? We have already voted last year that NYJC will remain as it is, past, present & future. My heart and soul have always devoted to Nanyang as its brand, proud to be part of the NYJC family, not CCJC? Lots of JC said it is also a crappy name to turn NYJC to CCJC. What for? Need to re-establish the name again? For what?

If NYJC really changes to CCJC, all the alumini will be gone and the student population will lose a potential backing in terms of internship. I may go about setting up a business or so in the future. If I heard of CCJC, I will definitely bare the JC because it is not my JC!! Fuck up sia... Don't ever think of changing the name, it is definitely ridicious.

We as part of NYJC alumini will definitely oppose any change of name in the future. May we burnt the flag of CCJC if the day comes with the official change of NYJC's name. We are not Taiwan!

NYJCian declared at 11:09 PM





我欲临清流而赋诗,将我对光明谨存的斑点印象,传授于只能活在黑暗中的人儿 ......

~once a nyjcian,always a nyjcian~

NYJCian declared at 11:05 PM


i know my tone is harsh and i apologise. BUT NYJC is my college-----NYJC. NOT ccjc. i see no identity wif ccjc.not me alone thinking this way, i bet. there are others. NYJC is great. i agree wif one of the blog writers dat if smc still will not change back our names, a war will be waged. look at the blog entries ard! all wrote in to go AGAINST ccjc this stupid name. so if the SMC nv return us back our name, our NYJC, it shows how narrow minded they are. oso, it goes to show dat they feel NYJCians should follow WHAT they want no matter whether we want or not. bottom line: it shows that the SMC dun give a damn about our feelings for NYJC.

NYJCian declared at 11:02 PM


A Change Not For The Better...

Dear SMC,
I see not the point in changing a historic name, just for the sake of affiliation. Nanyang has been around for many generations now, and it would be a shame if our older generations could not relate to it any longer after the transition. Bearing the hallmark of a credible school, it would be unwise to change its name to CCJC. My reason are as follows:

a) Chung Cheng has never once contributed or be a part of our NYJC history, so the name change has no historical basis whatsoever.

b) I understand that though Chung Cheng is affiliated with NYJC, it would seem likely we are taking the bulk of their students in. However the fact of the matter is, barely a quarter of them would even consider putting NYJC in 1 of their choices. Hence we have nothing in common with them in terms of education.

c) Our location is very far apart, and there's no news of any pending merger. As such, why change to Chung Cheng when we are not combining??

Hence, we have NOTHING IN COMMON with Chung Cheng. So why change?? Support the cause and please, i plead of you not to change our beloved name. It's our school identity that we hold so dear.

Some food for thought, if i forced you to change your own name given by your parents, would you like it??

Syed Ahmad Zaki Bin Syed Sakaf Al-Attas

NYJCian declared at 10:56 PM



I can't explain how much I hope that my former school would not change their name. 'Nanyang' is not just a simple name, but a name that carries with it loads of memory and meaning. With Nanyang changed to Chung Cheng, no doubt the place will still be exactly the same, the feelings would be very much different. Please spare a though for those that value the name.

Chua Yini, CT12, 2000/2001

NYJCian declared at 10:24 PM




If Singapore had close ties with China or US, do we change our country name to Chinapore or USpore, whatever. The reason they gave does not stand. Just because we are close to them so we have to change our names to suit them? This is no merger and acquisition. I hope the management may remind themselve, that this is education, not business, and I hope they don't run the school like they run their business. There shall be a lost of identity after this unneccessary action.
If their underlying concern is to improve the image or standing of the school, I would suggest they do something about how they run the school to improve the student's results. You don't see top JCs changing their names, do you? They hold pride in their names. You only change names when you have no attachment or no pride with it. I will never step inside the school again if the name is changed, because there shall be no more attachment.

Goh Kian Guan
(Graduated too long ago, can't remember which batch)

NYJCian declared at 9:41 PM


I OBJECT!!!!!!!!

No. Definitely not. NYJC..this name holds lots of memories...not only for classmates..the OACians....please...a millions and millions NO.. we'll be so SAD if its change.. the memories,the teachers,the friends,the things we had gone through in'll sound so DISTANT if its change...

Chai Ling
Graduated 2003

NYJCian declared at 9:33 PM


don't let nyjc go to history

Nanyang has a long history in the education system and it is widely recognised in Singapore. By changing its name, this will affect the identity and culture of the school. All school uniforms, crest will be changed. Why go into such a hassle by changing the name when you have to change almost everything.

Consider what i have to tell my posterity which JC am i from a few decades later, whether should it be NYJC or CCJC. Perhaps, they will not know because NY had ceased to exist and its name is CCJC. Indeed, the name itself plays a major part in our identity and the strong enriching cultures that we possess. It has been instilled in our minds to remember our roots and we will remember JC life as one of the most interesting experiences in our life.

Moreover, by altering its name, this will affect the morale and performance of the current batch of students. I do not think that they will feel a sense of pride when they call themselves CCJCians instead of NYJCians. The present name itself has been implanted in their minds ever since they entered the school and shouted cheers related to NYJC during competitions or orientations. It will be difficult to reset our minds to identify ourselves as CCJC.

Why should we change our name just to show our affiliation to Chung Cheng High? Both schools, although affiliated, have a different set of cultures. Chung Cheng High is primarily a Chinese dominated SAP school, while in NYJC, we all belong to different races and secondary schools of different nature. Though we are still Chinese dominated, we can be considered as a miniature United Nations. Anyway, I do not wish to see that the outside world who knows the reason behind the change of our name mistaken NY as 'LP' (that is how Taiwan calls Singapore because of Singapore's support for China).

Just look at how the former graduates sought and hope to change nanyang technological university back to the former name nanyang university. I do not wish to see the constant changing of the name of our own jc if we strive to use back the old name the next time. So, just don't change it.

NYJC should never go to history!

NYJCian declared at 9:24 PM


“NYJC” holds my memory…
I’ve never learnt and experienced so much in a sch, during my time in the sch as a NYJCian and even NOW as a graduate NYJCian. It wasn’t only about the results we needed to get into a course we want in the university. It was how the sch has actually groomed and developed me. Through my CCA (NYCO), my experience during OCIP, LTC, and even the recent camp where I got to go back to be a facilitator, I’ve truly learnt A LOT of stuffs which I can never get from the books.
These are the memories which I would like to be able to tell the people around me in years to come and it will DEFINITELY be DIFFERENT if NANYANG JUNIOR COLLEGE doesn’t get to retain our name. This name really meant a lot to me & I believe A LOT more out there.
It is definitely amazing how long this name has been with the school when 2 people from 2 different generations of my own family have left our footprints in this sch, having AMAZING memories with the name NANYANG junior college.
I sincerely urge the SMC to consider about the MANY people they will disappoint if the name is CHANGED and the MANY WONDERFUL memories of us lost.
~ Once a NYJCian Always an NYJCian~

Emelia Lim
02S4B (’02-’03)

NYJCian declared at 9:15 PM


Sense of belonging

If the name will to be changed, not only will there be an identity crisis, I believe there be a lost in the sense of belonging. NYJC is a place whereby we emphasize on ties, so I suppose that this is a situation that all of the NYJC members would like to avoid. Hence, please let Nanyang remains as the name of our JC. Thank you.

NYJCian declared at 9:14 PM


Pls do not take "NYJC" away from NYJCians and it's graduates

The college and it's name has come a long way, please do not rob us of our identity as an NYJCian. It is bad enough to see the old campus gone, though it is true that it would not be able to cater to the needs of the current and future generations thus it is more practical to build a new campus. With the old compound gone, we can only rely on our own memories of the countless morning assemblies and the classrooms and the labs and the P.E rooms... Please spare us of the agony of losing our identity and roots; we cannot be telling friends and colleagues, or even our children that we graduated from a reputable neighbourhood college called "NYJC" if the SMC has finally decided to change it to "CCJC". It would be unacceptable, because we have never been our lives be educated by any caring and helpful tutors from "CCJC" nor does this "CCJC" been through any hardship with any of the great alumnis "NYJC" has produced, and it would certainly be too embarrassing to even mention to our children the fact that one of their parent or even both used to study in a college that has the name of "CCJC", it would be too "sissy", wouldn't it?

Chan Pui Yee
24th President of Chinese Cultural Society
01S4B, 2001-2002

NYJCian declared at 8:47 PM


Weigh the pros and cons!

The mention of nyjc bring to mind many things that the public recognised, such as its long standing history in strong chinese cultural values. These are things that the school can be proud of. They did not come over night.

By changing the name of nyjc to what?!! ccjc, we would be as good as trying to build our reputation from scratch. Starting from the same level as meridian jc, still trying to find a niche; an area that the school can be proud of and one which the public recognised immediately.

Please weigh the pros and cons carefully before making such a major change.

NYJCian declared at 8:41 PM




My reasons might be the same as many. Firstly, Nanyang is a school with long history, attempting to change the name is as good as demolishing the school.
Then, there's Nanyang Primary School, Nanyang Girls, Nanyang Junior College, Nanyang Polytechnic, and even Nanyang University (NTU). This name is a long-standing name.
Also, I don't think the many stidents brought up by Nanyang JC will wish to see their school 'disappear'. Thus I hope the name will not be changed.

NYJCian declared at 8:17 PM


Is SMC willing to face the wrath of present and past NYJCians by going ahead to rename NYJC into CCJC? This decision to rename will result in the lost of identities of thousands of NYJCians.

No wonder, the younger generation these days are facing an identity crisis. Probably because of all these big restructuring in their growing environment? From the tearing down of our previous beloved National Library which has served book lovers dutifully for decades, the memories of the old and the young are ripped off together with the old building for the sake of having a new futuristic building.

Now, the proposal to change the name of Nanyang Junior College that has nurtured and produced countless productive citizens, because of the need to show the affiliation between Chung Cheng Sec School and NYJC is totally ridiculous.

A school's reputation is built upon years of sweat and toil by the principals, teachers and students. It is a shame and sin to erase the efforts of everyone involved throughout these 28 years of NYJC's cultivation of strong teachings and rich culture by changing the name to CCJC, just because of Chung Cheng sec school.

Why don't SMC propose to change Chung Cheng Sec School to Nanyang Sec School to show this link? The resulting effect as I darely predict, will be that of hundreds of protests and petitioning against SMC from the current Chung Cheng and previous Chung Cheng students.

I sincerely hope that the SMC will not go ahead with such a proposal. Some things in life are best to retain it's place and cherished, such as the conservation of NYJC to protect the fond memories of everyone, who has lived a life chapter and played a part in NYJC.

NYJC 1999 Graduate.

NYJCian declared at 8:14 PM



All of us came to NYJC and are recognised as NYJCians. And suddenly, this SMC decided to change it to CCJC, what is the rationale in doing so? Recognise our affliation to Chung Cheng? It is Chung Cheng that is affiliated to NYJC! Then CCHS should really be changed to NYHS if the SMC is so intent on 'recognising affliation'. Which other school changes their name simply to acknowledge an already known fact. A name is given for a reason. It is identity and all NYJCians have lived with this identity, by changing the name, it is as good as erasing our common identity, an identity that all of us share, that all alumni share, it is what the school is bonded by, our common identity. All the SMC would gain from changing our name is nothing more than a mere show of authority, but what we lose is so much more.

Recall your orientation days, your hear screams and shouts of 'NYJCians!' and it just captures all of us. That unique identity has already been branded within us. To change it would be to shatter us, break our identity, going by how the student body is reacting to it, we would reject it, needless to say it would have detrimental effects on the students and change how the public views us, we would then have to re-establish our name again. Is all that effort worth it for this trivial change that would bring about a ripple effect? I think not. NYJC is slowly but surely gaining limelight, before I entered NYJC, I truthfully knew nuts about it, now that I'm here, I'm proud of its acheivements, changing the name would plunge us into nothingness. CCJC just doesn't sound right, there isn't a ring to it unlike NYJC. We have a common voice that wants to be heard and had better be heard or I think we'll make ourselves heard. Let this be a test to our mettle. May the NY spirit soar. =)

Aaron Lim ~[04A2]~

NYJCian declared at 7:07 PM


Keep the NANYANG spirit burning

Believe that SMC has already acknowledged the immense objection of this proposed change..Just wanna comment that I don't really see the importance of announcing to the public the affliation between the Chung Cheng schools and NYJC..I mean, why go to all these trouble just to show people that we are affliated??Are there any advantages to reap?..Will this actually produce better 'A' levels results? Why don't the SMC just channel this effort to further improve the school, like adding extra facilities; organising external courses for students etc.....

Nanyang JC occupies an important position in each and every NYJCian; may this spirit continue to burn in all NYJCians..


NYJCian declared at 6:46 PM


please retain the name of the college as Nanyang Junior College..

NYJC has been in the limelight recentli in the area of rugby, speech competition, the DV competition, etc.. since the school is now recognised more than last time, i feel that changing the name will prove to be of demerit to the school efforts. hence i sincerely hope that the name of the college will be retained as NYJC. it really takes effort fm the students, the teachers n principal to help push the school's recognition up.. its not someting tt can be done in a dae, but sth tt everione is trying to do for a long time. pls reconsider the decision of changing the college name. thank you

Tan Jian Lin {04A5}

NYJCian declared at 6:05 PM



hi everyone.

Firstly i shall declare the fact that I'm graduated from Chung Cheng High Main in 2000 and came to NYJC in 2001.

But this doesnt make me a wee bit supportive of changing the name of NYJC to CCJC.

My theory is:-

Chung Cheng High School (M) is an established high school. Everybody knows it.

Nanyang Junior College is a well respected college. Everybody knows it as well.

Both are equally established in their own playing fields.

But who the hell is Chung Cheng Junior College? Seriously the name of CCJC sucks lah. It's neither here nor there. Moreover, if it was me, I would initially have thought that its the poorer cousin of CJC and ACJC.

And more importantly, adding things together is not as simple as one plus one equals two. It takes time for an educational institution to build reputation and credentials. It just can't be combined overnight.

Take our singapore universities for example. Imagine combining NUS and NTU overnight, and then call it the name of "National Nanyang Technological University of Singapore". You think with this name alone we will be able beat Havard or Oxford? NO WAY!

So its also no way that we can beat the super big branded schools of the "R"s and the "HC" with this mediocre name combination. We have to work our way up still.

Just give up on this lucidous and laughable idea, SMC. Dun make us the laughing stock of Singapore education system.

-DK-01s7A-24th NYSC-

NYJCian declared at 3:40 PM



Reasons for keeping the name > Reasons for name change.

(And here we mean good and justifiable reasons)

No. of people against name change > > > No. of people towards name change.

Thus, conclusion is simple enough. Full stop, nope don't rebut anymore. It's no use because the time and effort would be wasted. So therefore, you are strongly encouraged not to go against the crowd. If I were in the SMC, I would have felt so ashamed...

No doubt you can question my loyalty to NYJC (I didn't put NYJC as 1st choice for both PAE and JAE, yet I was in NY since January), but then, I realise, the school is like a huge treasure box, and the name Nanyang itself IS the key to opening and "enjoying" the treasures. The road sign near the drain and the bus stop @ Lorong Chuan that leads to our school may look really really old, but still, I'll rather leave the old sign there than having a totally new sign with a totally new name to the destination it leads.

College re-development? I pity the recent graduated batches of my NY seniors who tolerated with the inconveniences of the re-development project, collecting funds etc. Looks like people have waited 5 years of the soon-to-be so-called re-development for nothing. Why? It's more like demolishing Nanyang Junior College and replacing it with Chung Cheng Junior College. This is definitely NOT the ultimate aim for re-development at all!

While I am certainly interested to hear more says from NYJC staff, since it seems like they seem to be rather quiet on this issue, the students plus ex-students of NYJC for 3 months plus ex-students of NYJC for 2 years are very much against this decision and I am certainly upset by it as well. I may also assume that we almost unanimously disagree with the decision. Remember, Nanyang is nothing without the school population. So is any other school. And we absolutely cannot afford ourselves to make our heritage an absolute ending.


NYJCian declared at 3:31 PM


Keep the name unchanged....NYJC

Among all the other JCs, NYJC is one who has a long history. It definitely brings many memories to all of us. By changing it's name, all of us will feel so lost and awkward when mentioning it. It's not worthwhile to change the name because NYJC has been part of the school lives of thousands and thousands of students who have studied there, be it just for 3 months or 2-3 years. We have formed a bond and created an attachment to it. It's a feeling that's never replacable. So I sincerely hope that NYJC will remain as it is and not changed it's name.


NYJCian declared at 3:16 PM


Would they actually dare to do it?

Well, i dun really believe those ppl would actually dare to do such a thing considering the fact that this is such a controversial move. From what i know, the stand of MOE is that schools should refrain from changing their name or risk alienating their alumni, but this is purely advisory and if somebody up there in the NY board actually goes bonkers and really do change the name, there's nothing MOE can do to stop it. I personally would be pretty disappointed, to say the least, if they do change the name, but up till now, there is nothing that suggests that the name would REALLY be changed in the near future(all talk and nothing else). But even then i still think that it is really stupid, dumb, idiotic, whatever, to even think of doing such a thing in the first place.

Junming Goh CT01A1

NYJCian declared at 2:42 PM



Please please please. Or else we will suffer in silence!! Nanyang is a far nicer sounding name than Chung Cheng. Moreover, our school is known as Nanyang for so many years, so why bother changing it? Lyk ah mei3 become ah chou3. So sad right!! We dont wanna be known as CCians! Sounds so horrible sia.


!!!Yvette [05S7A] and Sharlyn [05S7B]!!!

NYJCian declared at 2:03 PM




我的文凭写着的是 Nanyang Junior College。
我们当时是以 Nanyang Junior College而参赛。
我的奖状是Nanyang Junior College颁发的。
一切的一切都是Nanyang Junior College。



KK Hau
S112y/ 1998-1999

NYJCian declared at 1:42 PM


NYJC Forever

NYJCian declared at 11:31 AM


nyjc 4ever.

I strongly appeal the SMC to pause for a moment and think about what it would be like if their own alma maters were to undergo a name change such as what's about to happen to NYJC.

The fact that we have not organised anything drastic against the name change,shows our utmost respect for the SMC.
My only hope is that the SMC would read every single word in this petition and consider the views of all NYJCians.

Have a heart.
Do not take away NY because it means a whole lot to us.
It means a whole lot to me.

NYJC was where I experienced life at its best.
NYJC changed my life .
And because of that, I will forever remember NYJC.

This is something CCJC will never be able to achieve.
For the sake of a CCJC, the SMC has outraged so many NYJCians,
What makes you think that NYJCians will recommend their relatives,friends ,juniors or even their own children next time to choose CCJC as their JC?

NYJCians are united as one and dont under-estimate our strength.

Charlene Wee

NYJCian declared at 10:57 AM


Identity Crisis?

I wasn't from NYJC for first 3 months. It was only during JAE then I decided to enrol into NYJC. Yes, reason being people I know are there and also LEP.

NYJC has a history of 28 years, 28 long years.

Why decide to erase this long history of ours?

The journey of making a name of ourselves wasn't easy at all, yet at this crucial point of time, at this peak of our achievements, there is a decision going to be made to change our name.

I agree with what my classmate mentioned in the blog, "when you change the name, you're changing the entire tradition, the culture of the school. You're plucking up the entire tree, roots and all and replanting it with something called CCJC."

So where will our identity rest on?


No idea at all.

It has nothing to do with students being called sissy jcians, but it has a lot to do with the loss of our long tradition, which is unique to us, which distinguishes us from other JCs.

I also agree to what desmond has mentioned in the blog. Why don't Chung Cheng change her name to Nanyang to accomodate us? Why do we have to accomodate them? Just because there's this school called Nanyang Girls High, so they don't want to have any clashes in the names?

Frankly speaking, I don't see any rationale behind the idea of changing the name of the college.

"Once a NYJCian, Always a NYJCian"

This is something I'll always remember.

Hence, I appeal to each and every NYJCian to stand up together with the rest of us to fight against the decision of changing the college name.

Law Shu Hui
26th Student Council

NYJCian declared at 10:56 AM


Once an NYJCian ALways an NYJCian

how many times have i heard these words 'Once an NYJCian ALways an NYJCian' during the morning talks? the answer is countless of times, many many times. Yet now am i supposed to say once a nyjcian now a ccjcian? It does not make sense.the reason to chance our name is because of our roots? BUT in me,my roots are with NYJC being a NYJCian. All NYJCians roots are with NYJC not CCJC. Changing our name to CCJC is not going to get us into TOP 5 JC, will not help the current students to get good grades. Basically there is no need for our school name to be changed.I sincerly urge the people in charge to reconsider.Lets not let this affect the morale of the current batch of students taking their A-lvs, lets put this issue behind us and groom the next generation of future nyjcians.



NYJCian declared at 10:38 AM



Dear SMC,

Recently your committee decided that a change in our college's name would show the affiliation between Chung Cheng Sec School and our college.

While I understand your concern, I just ask you to reflect upon the academic institutions that you grew up in. That sense of nostalgia that you are going through is one that we, the alumni, are feeling as well; except that it is one of sadness and disappointment. NYJC does hold memories for us. It would be a lie to say that its only wonderful ones but in one way or another, Nanyang has moulded us to be what we are today. Ask any student or alumni and we may not realise it straightaway but just as how your previous schools has moulded, helped and paved the way for your success today, so has ours.

I do hope you will reconsider making the decision of changing NYJC to CCJC. Our history has been nothing but that one of rich tradition and success which I am sure that the committee itself has knowledge of. Thank you.

Nurulhuda A.Rahim

NYJCian declared at 8:10 AM


Xue Mei.
Michelle Kuek.
Pei Hua.
Kok Siang.
Jonathan Choy.
Michelle Wong.
Jonathan Lim.
Yi Jia.
Nicholas Ngern.
Jonathan Foo.

We are NANYANG's 27th Student Council.
Not any others.

NYJCian declared at 6:53 AM


yours sincerely

We may not know or understand the real reason behind the decision to change the JC's name.I believe the SMC(whoever it is) has already decided on this matter and keeping the JC's name might be beyond our abilities.There is little we can do but accept the reality unfolding before our eyes.I'm not for the changing of the JC's name, but since i'm not a member of parliament or someone of great influence, all i can do is accept it as a matter-of-factly.Ah wait, i remember someone from my year whose dad is a...oh nevermind.

I'm sure we've all seen changes in our lives, so actually it shouldn't really bother you if you've graduated or no longer in the JC. Except perhaps that you'll get the awkward feeling when you have to mention to your prospective employer a school that no longer exist. "What? NYJC? Don't gei siao leh, i see JC ranking don't have what NYJC..." Or maybe to your children when they ask about your schooling years. "I think you old until forgot liao lah dad, it's NJC not NYJC, since when got NYJC one? And the uniform is grey what...where got brown.. Lor Chuan?Wah didn't know last time NJC at Serangoon there one."

If you don't give a hoot about the changing of the JC's name, couldn't care less, indifferent, or just hate NY,you're not left out here. Once the name has been changed, all apparels with NYJC (uniform, t-shirts, shorts, collar pin and that unique brown belt..etc) on it will become collectors item and you can auction them off eBay to hardcore NY fans with the likes of myself.

I suppose those that would be hit the hardest are those that are currently in the college and those that have been with the NY for many many years. Those that cherished and enjoyed their time during their stay in NY would know that it didn't matter what the college's name is, for the endearing moments will always stay in their hearts, forever, where nothing can change it.And that's what really mattered, the good times, isn't it? Changing the college's name doesn't rob you of your special memories, it only makes them more special.

I must add that of all the years of schooling i've attended, my best and most memorable ones are in Nanyang Junior College.When I first applied after my O level, i didn't even heard of a NYCJ, but it seems i got more than i could bargain for.The beautiful 2 years will always be in my heart, no matter what the names changes to.

24th student council

NYJCian declared at 6:25 AM



I put NYJC as my FIRST CHOICE and ONLY CHOICE in JAE, not some CCJC!


NYJCian declared at 6:00 AM


Nanyang JC.. a place dat holds soo much memories, nt juz for mi but for everyone else who has contributed to this blog

it is the place i can say i miss e most,
where i played and laughed,
snoozed during class,
made frenz n all that stuff

the word 'Nanyang' holds a special place in my heart
it signifies the place where i spent the most fulfilling 2 yrs of my life
days which moulded mi into who i am today
and i cant even begin to describe how much i miss those wonderful days
some may say 'a rose by any other name will smell as sweet'
but i dun feel that way
memories are associated with names
when a name is changed
the wonderful past is blurred and fades away soon
for there is no link for the brain

mention Nanyang:
fond memories of everything

mention Chung Cheng:
err... only have memories of a speech day we had there.
what i rem: stuffy, hot, long, boring, ulu place.. everything not nice.

let our memories, and our Nanyang remain
for it is perfect in our eyes.
let ex-NYJCians forever remember their old school
if there can be no memories,
at least let us hold on to the precious name.

i'm proud to be an NYJCian
let me remain one.


NYJCian declared at 2:23 AM


It was to NYJC that we sing the school song. It was to NYJC that we cheer for in sports events and tournaments. It was NYJC LEP club that I was in. It is NYJC that schools like HC and TJ LEP students recognise and compete with. We have made a name for ourselves.

Not Chong Cheng JC.

NYJC has a whole range of achievements backing it up. Chong Cheng JC? It's just a name.

So you may ask, what's wrong with a name? It's just a name change, the school compound remains.

But the thing is, when you change the name, you're changing the entire tradition, the culture of the school. You're plucking up the entire tree, roots and all and replanting it with something called CCJC. The FEEL just isn't the same anymore.

It's not a matter of being called sissy jcians. You can change the name to New York JC and we still will petition. But pls, before you destroy our sense of identity once and for all, give us a valid reason. NOT because we're affiliated to Chong Cheng Main and Branch. That's no reason to change, as can be seen from the earlier entries. But even with a thousand valid reasons, I, for one, will always regard NYJC as my JC, and nothing else. CCJC, to me, is just an empty name.

I believe in democracy, so pray that our voices are heard. If not, I'm sure that war will be waged.

dl, 03S1B

NYJCian declared at 12:17 AM


Once a NYJC-ian, ALWAYS a NYJC-ian

I graduated from NYJC in the year 2002, and was previously the captain of the bowling team. I heard about NY's name being changed to CC during my 2 years in JC. I thought it ridiculous back then, and I still feel the same way right now. As much as students often complain about how much their school lacks, we develop a bond with the school by time we graduate.
Many memories I hold are of being in Nanyang, of the Nanyang spirit. True that a name is but a name. Still, we cannot deny that the change in the name will take away the essence of the Nanyang spirit in some way.
I remember asking one of the tutors why there hasn't been any changes to school uniform, despite so many students disliking it to begin with. The tutor replied,
"Well, the design of the uniform is not fixed, and there have been considerations to change the design. But the school's founder did request one thing. That the colour of the uniform remain brown."
I never really knew what the reason was. But I've come to realise that Nanyang would not be the same with a uniform of a different colour. Anyone who hears "NYJC" will immediately think of the brown uniform. Somehow, something would just be missing without the famous 'pigs in mud' colour. The same goes for the school's name. When you tell them CCJC, they would draw a blank. There would be nothing to distinguish the students and the school. There will be no history to our name.
Honestly, we have been known as Nanyang JC for so so long. Why the change now? How do we senior graduates tell others where we are from? NYJC? But there won't be one anymore. CCJC? But I've never been a part of it at all. Don't take away the identity that we Nanyang JC-ians hold.

Fiona Wong
::Class of 01S4B 2002::
::Captain of NYJC Bowling Team 2002::

NYJCian declared at 12:10 AM



so lame leh...ccyc??i thk should name it NYJC(new york jc)lol....giv me feet back

NYJCian declared at 12:10 AM


Wednesday, June 01, 2005

ehs. i never graduated from nyjc and neither am i a current student in the institute. but i did belong to nyjc in the first 3 months in 2004 and those 3 months formed one of the best memories i could ever have in my college life. (: although i study elsewhere and have moved on, i still associate myself with "nyjc". i loved the experiences i had in that place, the friends i made, and i still do. i remembered mrs ho ever once told us we were all part of the family - all invited to come back as nyjcians - for the homecoming event last year 2004. I did - As someone proud to have been once part of that community.

kinda stupid when you think how much of a loser i could possibly be after leaving the school for more than a year and still petitioning over it's name. besides, how much a difference can individual blog entries and petitions make. heh. whatever the case, i'd really wish and hope to keep the name nyjc. i know people out there would want it to be so and it's true. This has nothing to do with how stupid ccjc may sound or whatever, i guess it's more of the spirit that has existed as part of the nyjc community.

i went around encouraging my friends to give nyjc a try 'cause it's a wonderful place. and i still remember the nyjc school song. i hope i don't have to change anything in time to come.

shiaohwee 04A1/ 2004. (first 3 months.)

NYJCian declared at 11:43 PM


You want a CCJC? I suggest you go build another school building. PLEASE leave NYJC alone. Nanyang is our identity! changing the name would bring down the school spirit and make us feel less commited to the school. Is that helping the college? I think SMC should help bring our college to greater heights instead of making decisions that give us more problems.

Joann chan 05S8

NYJCian declared at 11:40 PM


Why the change?

I do not know why there is a need to change the name and i do not see the need to change. What's wrong with having the name Nanyang?

The name Nanyang gives a familiar ring to all who have studied in there. So why the intention to change?

I liked (and still do) Nanyang simply for the fact that it gives a warm family-kind of feeling - the name, the place and the people.

I came back to NY, even though i was accepted into the top 5 jcs. I was determined to come back, for the very fact, that Nanyang reminds me of the great first 3 months i had. And coming back to NY was never a regret.

Changing the name, may not undermine the feelings that NYJcians have for the school. However, i would say, it is the name itself, that gives everyone a chance to have something to relate to, even though everyone may not know everyone personally.

By naming as CC, it may have adverse effects as it becomes 'exclusive' and the strangers who are/were NYJcians before, will not relate to each other at all.

If by changing the name means all students are promised straight distinctions, that all students (former/present/future) will (still) love the school as much as they can...i will not protest.

But if changing the name is just to give the school a more 'high-class' image, so as to up-sell the school to the 'elites'...I will think it's uncalled for. (and i'm sure many others will agree).

The committee must have substantial relevant reasons to back up their push for a change in the name.

But ultimately, i really do hope that, Nanyang will always remain as Nanyang.

Ban Marilyn
Year 2002

NYJCian declared at 11:27 PM


NYJC will always remained and never to be changed...

I am strongly against the idea of changing the name of NYJC to CCJC.. ok, When i first step into NYJC, i felt so down thinking of how run-down the school are and feel very sad. As time goes on, the warm and homely feeling of NYJC calmed me down.. NYJC, a school of many mmories and reputation should be changed just like that. Once it is changed, it is like chopping down a big tree that have grown very well and planting another seed which need to be nutured once again..

The name of NYJC is strongly linked with us. Every NYJCians that have studied in that school would want something that they can be called themselves so please, do not change the name.. pls.. anywhere, NYJC is much much nicer to be called that CCJC..
Kenneth Neo

NYJCian declared at 11:27 PM


It may seems as progess for NYJC to form an integrated programme with Chung Cheng secondary, since top schools are moving in that direction. However, changing our name (NYJC) to CCJC may lead to huge implications:

1) We could lose our identity.
We have firmly established oursleves as one of the better colleges with fantastic teachers and a rich culture. We the students, teachers and principals have worked hard to earn our reputation as NYJC. We are known as NYJC, nothing else. To change our name is like changing our family name. How would a 'Tan' feel if his surname is changed to 'Lin'?

2) The new CCJC may not gain support from ex students.
I was and will always be a student of NYJC. In a way of another, NYJC has touched the hearts of many students. We will never forget what the school, especially the teachers has given to us during our 2 yr stay. Ask any student, and most will be proud to call themselves NYJCians. How about CCJC? Ans: I was never part of that school.

3) Integrated programme with CCS may not be viable.
With all due respect to CCS, it is fair to comment that they are not among the best schools in Singapore. If we were to follow the steps of top schools towards an integrated programme, we need top students. Again, with all due respect to CCS, there may be some outstanding students there, but the numbers arent high.

4) NYJC sounds much nicer than CCJC. (Suggestion: change CCS to Nanyang Secondary)

Conclusion: We may be affiliated to CCS, however i urge the commitee to think twice before implementing the integrated programme. Even if integration is necessary, keep our name. NYJC has a rich history. We love this school, and we will strive our very best to keep its name. If you really care about the school, it needs to stay as it is today.

William Lin (ex bowling captain)
01S1A (01' - 02')

NYJCian declared at 11:01 PM


no NYJCian would admit he/she is a CCJCian!!

is SMC nothing better to do?
y so bo liao change name?
and if it is decided and all petitions are being put aside,wad r we gonna do?
boycott don't come sch?
they can't do anything to us...
dismiss us and recruit new students next yr?
i don't think they could afford to do tt man...
so let's boycott and see wad they gonna do....

NYJCian declared at 10:28 PM


饮水思源 (Yin Sui Si Yuan).
That's what Mrs Ho constantly mentions.
Never forget your roots.
But look at what's happening now?
Enuff said.
Let the SMC's do what they deem fit and face the consequences.
CCJC? Haha.

Changing the name to CCJC is like struggling to plant a tree without roots.
All the previous Nanyang achievements gone down the drain.
CCJC. A foreign JC. A new JC.
Start all over from scratch.
New uniform, new college song, new flag.
All these unnecessary effort just to show some affiliation?
The name itself, CCJC, feels foreign to my tongue.
I daresay i wouldnt even dare mention that name anywhere.
When we cheer NYJC, we cheer it with pride.
I say, make us cheer CCJC, you'll see what happens.

Listen to the graduates. Listen to the students.
I made my choice. We made our choice.
I made my choice during JAE and PAE to enter a college called Nanyang Junior College, NOT some CCJC.
We're the ones that are gonna live with the college name.
What will i say to ppl who ask me where i graduated from?
Where do i belong?


NYJCian declared at 10:28 PM


y change the name after 20 odd years after we used it?

nanyang is nanyang. chung cheung is chung cheung. is it really a need to change the name to prove and show that we are affliated to them? is it a must? y must we change the name to ccjc when all of us has grown so much attached to the sch. will there still be the sense of belonging for all those who has already graduated from nyjc? i mean, for most students i believed, they already know that cchsm and cchsb both are affliated to nyjc. perhaps not those from the lower sec, but i believe that the sec4 students who will be choosing their ideal jcs will know that.

and another point i want to make is that, does changing the sch name helps in the sch ranking. does changing the sch name helps the students to achieve better grades. the answer is no. if we wan to achieve better results, perhaps the system of the sch shld be changed?

nyjcians feel attached to nyjc. if the name is change, how much emotions will it stirred from the current students in ny and those who has graduated?

NYJCian declared at 10:24 PM


Nan Chu Jing Shen Yong Cun

When i rec'd the news, i am shock and memories of NYJC's days 20 yrs come back to my mind. when i was in NYJC, affilation with chung cheng, had no feeling for me. i didn't feel any attachment with chung cheng then. just cannot immagine our NYJC change its name to CCJC because of its affliliation.
Will there be a dialogue session between NYJC's SMC, teachers and its current NYJCian/ex-NYJCian? If the SMC is serious about the change, then they ought to give clear and rational reasons for the change of name.

Nan Chu Jing Shen yong cun

Soo Mui
CT15, 81/82

NYJCian declared at 10:13 PM


it's very ironic to change name for a school with history of 28 yrs.

i joined NANYANG Junior College, i am a NYJCian and will be a alumni of NYJC! not other name.

i'm taught to be a NYJCian for one and a half yr.. now that just because SMC you think that we should change "back" to CCJC, we have to change name? Never in the history was NYJC once a CCJC.. even if in the past you all intended to name us CCJC but now it's different.. the world is changing all the time and you cannot just stick to what you think should be right in the past. you can't name a television to be a radio right? that's because we know the television to be television and radio to be radio.

NYJC will be NYJC.

Quek Shi Ting / 04S7B
NYJC 27th Student Council 04/05

NYJCian declared at 10:00 PM


let the people be heard

ok... so like... i've only been in nyjc for 2 over mths... but... the moment i stepped in for orientation i knew i was gonna belong here. The whole aura of the school is like hougang, sengkang and serangoon... nifty new facilities with a warm small town feel. Immediately i was secretly hoping my appeals to VJC and AJC didn't get through. And they didn't.(~duh~) so i wound up here feeling like a loser rejected by two jcs. But thankfully, i got to know this place and realised, this is where i belong. The mild kampong feel eventually got to me. Even though nyjc was my 4th choice in JAE, i had looked up to this place before, thinking how lucky i'll be to get in, back when i scored 25 points for my prelims. I really admired the school, even though I didn't know where it was after living in hougang for so many years.

And now, they're gonna change all that? After I grew to love this family over these months?

No, I'm not allowing that to happen. Not without a fight. A big one.

How can a group of high-level heads just decide on some thing as important as this? Mind you, this is Singapore, I'd like to believe we practice democracy. Majority of the school population rejects this name change for various reasons, some superficial, some deep.
If this goes through, it shows us we don't have a say.
We stand up to be heard, but are overlooked.
We aren't allowed to decide our future.
How are we ever gonna trust ourselves to be ruled anymore? How can we know that whoever lords over this college has our interests at heart? Faith in democracy of all kinds, maybe even our country's, will be lost. unruly, chaotic people who refuse to trust may be created, and that, will be the dying blow to this college. Dejected people who refuse to be led will most definitely lead to a downfall of this institution.

I hope the repercussions of this action will be reviewed by the SMC before they plot their next move. I shall reserve my comments about the new name for the sake of all CCH(M) and CCHB alumni. Those poor folks are caught in a limbo at the moment. For those now-HCI students, the name change was traumatic and at best, disturbing . Spare us the pain.

Please. Let us know we are trusted to decide our future.
Please. Let us know the college is in safe, sane hands.

Please. Let us know we can be heard.

"Together We Build" - Rock on 4eva N.Y.J.C.
Lam Siu Hon

NYJCian declared at 9:59 PM


Y change?

NYJCian declared at 9:59 PM


Though i am also a chung cheng student previously but still I don't wish that nanyang jc to change its name to chung cheng jc... though the 2 schs (or 3 actually) are affiliated but it doesnt mean that nanyang jc must change name to show that and somemore those people who didnt study in chung cheng will find it very wierd that their nanyang jc now become chung cheng jc le... so i really hope that the school management will reconsider again cause no matter what, chung cheng is chung cheng, nanyang is nanyang... to me both bring good memories to me... so i hope everything will remain...

Sharon Kwah of 03A4B

NYJCian declared at 9:52 PM


I think NYJC should keep the name instead of changing it to CCJC, cos it's going to take some getting used to, and Nanyang is quite a good name already, so why change it?

04S1F (JAE for a month before leaving)

NYJCian declared at 9:48 PM


first thing first i dont wish for the name to be change.. however, we will have to face the fact ya.. the decision all lies on the SMC right? Looking at the case of HWJC.. they changed their name to HWI.. ex-HWJCians n present HWJCians tried to go against it right.. n in the end they failed..
My main point here is.. wat are we suppose to do IF the name is changed n our petitions failed? are we going to take a stronger step to go against the SMC? anyone thinking of that.?

Once a nyjcians.. Always a njycians..

NYJCian declared at 9:35 PM


dont change the name!

i strongly appeal to the senior management committee or whatever people that are up in the management! please do not change the name of our college! this college has a tradition for almost 3 decades and you are just killing it just because we are affiliated to a seconday school in which 70 or even 80% of the students are not interested in coming to our school in the first place?

NYJCian declared at 9:32 PM


Once an NYJCian, always an NYJCian...

I had it wif this sch liao lorxx... always changing this changing tt... Y i sae so is becuz i hav personal experience...
As a member of the NY dragonboat team, i take this chance to complain about the schools lousy adminstration and BOD...
The school wants to split up our team into dragonboat and canoeing, 2 different CCAs... But i'm telling the HOD of PE the Chairman of the Board Of Directors of Nanyang dat it MAKES NO DIFFERENT!!!
Our trg time is still the same and i dun see tt the new canoeing team is able to do so dam well as well...
ANOTHER GOOD EXAMPLE OF THE STUPID, USELESS AND TOTALLY UNMEANINGFUL CRAP THE school adminstration and Board of Directors and come up wif...
The school always waste so much time changing things... Change for WAD??? DOES it help wif the school ranking??? does it mean that if we change our name to CCJC we will become top 5 JC??? NO Freaking WAY!!!
If the school has so much time and extra effort why dun u all juz put all of tt into teaching and improving the school's facilities(e.g where the heck is our gym???)
NO 2 CCJC...

NYJCian declared at 9:31 PM


i'm totally again the idea of changing OUR school name to chung cheng jc, though i was from chung cheng high main. it totally make no sense to change OUR name la... so what if we change it?! so what if we're affiliated to chung cheng high? its a known thing that chung cheng high is affiliated to nanyang jc... if they're changing the name to show that lar... and seriously, i was from chung cheng high and i DID NOT come to nanyang jc because we are affiliated... i think that many people would not consider the affiliation unless their results are not up to the standard la... and people from my school also DID NOT enter nyjc because of the affiliation... no one mentioned about the affiliation when my friends told me that they are choosing nyjc in their pae/jae.

moreover, i think that current nyjc students would be damn demoralised when our name is changed... somemore changing our name to ccjc. imagine your parents changing your own name to something that you hate without your consent. well... who is so STUPID anyway...

and seriously, who doesn't look at a school's name before they choose it? there are many jcs within the same (almost the same) L1R5 range as us... so if secondary4 students were to choose a future jc. they would totally not choose ccjc over other jcs.

NYJCian declared at 9:14 PM


identify this!

u wanna haf a sense of identity wif our affiliated schs hence the change of mi tts dumb. i wan a sense of identity wif my alma matar hence i'm petitioning against this move.
this may not b sumthg proud to declare but i will sae this aniwae...i was a repeat student in nyjc. yes, i've spent 3 yrs in ny before completing my A lvls. 3 these 3 yrs i've grown to love the sch more and more...ppl sae tt the uniform sucks but i beg to mi it's comfortable...ppl used to sae we study in a construction site...but to mi its a brand new exp tt i've nv had b4! ppl sae tt the nyband is not worthed joining, but i joined it 3 yrs ago. i was not frm band when i was in sec sch. i've nv plaed another musical instr apart frm the recorder and haf totally no background wadsoeva, but nyjc gave mi a chance to discover this magical journey wif music, allowing mi to learn the euphonium and eventually make it fer the syf the following yr. now i'm playing the euphonium in the saf bands and enjoying it...who else can i thank but my beloved NANYANG JC?? ny gave mi opportunities tt was nv offered to mi...i was elected as the president of our v own e-publication aka redpill and tt trained up my leadership skills and inter-persona relationship. when i was in my 2nd yr j1 (i repeated j1 in 2003 remember?) i joined ccs and took part in many performances, including the 2004 drama nite. here i've learnt tt not onli do i haf a talent fer music, i haf a flare fer drama as well...although all these were in the past, history, they will alwaes haf a special spot in my memories.
also no one cld haf given mi the chance to change my subject combination when i repeated in j1...altho i was devastated at tt moment, the change in subject combi gaf mi a new turn in life and i was determined to succeed and do well fer my As since the sch was kind enuff to gif mi a 2nd, i was selected by both nus and ntu. i haf onli NYJC to thank...not CCJC which nv did existed in my 3 long yrs in jc.
ny gave mi the gd frens i haf now, frens i noe i can depend on fer a listening ear or frens hu r sure to share my weal and woes, frens hu will stand by mi no matter wad...i love ny fer all tt she has given mi. where can u find a sch tt will gif u the MATHS 9233, CLA, GEOG combi when the rest of my class doesn't take MATHS 9233 and i'm the only one hu doesn't take ECONS? ONLY NYJC...NV was is CCJC tt gave mi the opportunities tt change my life fer the better and made mi a better person...
i haf to mention this--i was an orientation group leader in 2003 twice (once fer 1st 3 mths and another fer the 2nd orientation), and once more in 2004 and i loved it...cos i was helping my beloved NYJC take care of the newbies, gifing them a sense of belonging to the strange place which they will soon call home. i will tell my grps 1001 reasons why they shd put ny as their 1st choice and i did not lie...i truely meant every one of them and i was proud to b an nyjc no matter whether i was a repeat or not...and many of them turned out to b fine outstanding ogls in their next orientation.
lastly, i wld like to sae tt i haf chosen to study chinese in ntu cos i've alwaes wanted to be a chinese teacher in future. i remember having discussions wif frens hu hold the same dream as mi, to go back nyjc to teach and nurture future nyjcians jus as wad our beloved teachers haf educated us to be...however i'm now in a future will i be teaching nyjcians...or will nyjc be jus a part of my memories? the thot of it brings tears to my eyes...please consider the affiliations we haf fer nyjc...wad alumnis r we when our sch is no more? does tt mean our alumni club will b closed down? or will another ccjc alumni club b set up?? we will nv b ccjc alumni cos we were nv part of our memory onli lived nyjc and no other schs...nyjc is a nice name..."nan chu" sounds nice...wad ccjc? "zhong chu"?? our frm the centre? bleah...disgusting i sae...even my frens make fun of ccjc as sissy jc even b4 it became a reality (not tt it will confirm be a reality aniwae)...

yi shui si yuan...when u drink the water, remember the source...i've sure we all remember this famous words frm mrs ho our beloved, motherly principal...remember the source ppl...the source in in nyjc...i've left my foot prints there...i've even left a mural on the si yuan bi...part of mi is in ny...dun take my ny awae frm mi...

the source....remember the source...i remember u remember urs?

yongAn aka AnZaI
02A4c (2002)/03A7B (2003/2004)

NYJCian declared at 9:09 PM


This blog is to commemorate the victory of the united Nanyang Spirit in retaining the name of Nanyang Junior College for NYJC in June 2005. 

As part of the petition to retain the name of Nanyang Junior College, this blog is dedicated to rally more support for this mission.  A recent decision was made by the top echelons of Nanyang Junior College's Senior Management Committee to change the name of NYJC to Chung Cheng Junior College. Many of the NYJC graduates have come forward to help in this mission to defend and keep our college's name because NYJC holds a special place in our hearts. 

Many thanks to all of you who have made this possible with your spontaneous effort :) We made this happen!

NYJCians, we rock :)



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